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Two New Metal Machines from Ibanez

Ibanez has added two guitars to its Iron Label RG series: the RG and the RG-7. These are real metal machines but with a spalted maple top and headstock. Apart from that, they have the standard Iron Label RG features, with two EMG humbuckers, 24 jumbo frets and a neck made of maple and bubinga.

Rich history

The RG series has been around for 30 years and is a mainstay of the metal scene. Now the RGIX20FESM-FSK (photo above) and RGIX27FESM-FSK (photo below) models, in Foggy Stained Black, can be added. This doesn't mean that the whole basswood body is black; it's a burst that is only truly black at the edges.. On the body two EMG humbuckers (60 neck and 81 bridge on the 6-string, and two 707s on the 7-string) pick up tight riffs and solos even in the highest registers. Both models feature a Gibraltar Standard II(-7) bridge, a 3-way pickup switch, a single volume control and a kill switch that gives a sort of strobe sound effect.

Fast runs and tight riffs

As already stated, these models are real metal machines. The bound ebony fretboard with 24 jumbo-frets allows easy access up and down the entire neck. The neck itself consists of three parts of maple and bubinga for extra power, and provides stability and longer sustain. The beautiful binding adds to the perfect finish. If you're a high-speed guitarist, these models from Ibanez shouldn't be ignored.

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