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Two New Tascam Products: iXR and DR-10SG

Tascam has been a staple of the professional audio and recording world since the early '70s. Starting out with simple analogue multi-trackers, the company grew to be nothing short of a phenomenon in the pro-audio field. Recently, Tascam introduces the iXR—a mobile audio interface that will allow you to use your iPad to make professional audio recordings. Additionally, there's also the DR-10SG, which is an audio recorder for digital and DSLR cameras.

iXR; a complete solution or pro-audio recording on location

If you're one of those people who have been waiting for the perfect mobile pro audio recording solution to present itself, then the Tascam iXR is the perfect device for you. It's compact, lightweight and packed with features. The iXR interface has two high-quality analogue inputs and outputs, with the combined XLR/jack inputs having phantom power. As such, you can use your favourite condenser mics with the iXR. Besides the fact that it's specially developed for use with the iPad, you can also use the iXR with your PC or Mac. It's powered by the USB cable connected to your computer, so you can even use the iXR to recharge your iPad while you're using it.

DR-10SG: great sound with your video

Most DSLR and digital cameras aren't know for their fantastic audio quality. Luckily, Tascam came up with an ingenious plan to fix this issue. By using a highly compact and lightweight audio recorder with a shotgun microphone attached, you can now add high-quality audio to your video. The supercardioid pickup pattern is great for recording audio sources that are right in front of the diaphragm, while filtering out any unwanted noise. As it's so small and lightweight, it's easy to mount on your camera without bringing it out of balance. What's more, with just one AAA battery, you can record for up to 8.5 hours continuously! Of course, Tascam also knows to ensure optimal synchronisation and easy editing. Finally, you can store your recordings on MicroSD and/or/ microSDHC cards.

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