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Unique wireless CME Xkey Air MIDI keyboards

They probably won't be out until later this year, but CME simply could not wait to divulge this big news. That's because the Xkey Air 25 and the Xkey Air 37 are completely wireless MIDI keyboards! These Bluetooth-compatible versions of the regular Xkey keyboard still have the same low latency, so there'll be virtually no delay between the stroke of a key and the generation of sound.


The Xkey Air is the ideal solution for musicians who want to be able to work any time and anywhere, without having to deal with bothersome cables. Whether you simply want to play a tune in an iPad, iPhone or Android app, or create a complete arrangement on a PC or Mac, this Bluetooth keyboard does it all. Furthermore, just like the well-received regular Xkey keyboard, the fully wireless Air model is very flat, lightweight and minimalistic in its design. Luckily, its functionality is less austere. There are the Smart Buttons on the left side, for instance, which include octave buttons, sustain and pressure-sensitive pitch bend and modulation.


One of this velocity-sensitive and battery-powered MIDI controller's most remarkable features is its aftertouch functionality. With aftertouch, you can influence the timbre while you're pressing the keys. Slightly moving your finger is enough to add a vibrato effect to a tone. Many keyboards that have this function always apply aftertouch to all the pressed keys at the same time. However, the term 'polyphonic' gives away that each key can individually send its own aftertouch signal.

keyboard and housing

One of the most renowned features of the original Xkey was its extremely comfortable keyboard. You'll be glad to hear that this Bluetooth model features the same fantastic full-sized keys - which is quite unique for a controller with such a slender design (reminiscent of the well-known wireless Apple keyboards). Thanks to that design, the Xkey is easy to store away in a backpack, for instance. There's even a handy sleeve that's separately available. The Xkey Air 37 weighs just under 2 lbs, while the Xkey Air 25 weighs just 1.3 lbs. Both feature a classy and highly durable frame made of brushed aluminium.

In short, these MIDI controllers are the ideal solution for producers and keyboard players who want to be able to work whenever and wherever inspiration hits them! Below you'll find a demonstration of the regular Xkey keyboard, which is identical to the Xkey Air, except for its USB functionality.

Keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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