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Universal Audio Unveils Apollo Twin MkII Audio Interfaces

Universal Audio have unveiled the second generation of their immensely popular Apollo Twin audio interfaces at NAMM 2017. There are three new versions available with solo, duo or quad-core processing in the form of the Apollo Twin SOLO, Apollo Twin DUO and the Apollo Twin QUAD. The new models have been redesigned inside and out and once again define the standard for all other audio interfaces.

Unison preamps

The preamps have been completely redesigned too and now include a new analogue circuit which gives you classic sounds from some of the world’s most recorded mic preamps. They don't just produce a warm analogue sound, they accurately model the original hardware thanks to the Unison technology. That means you can record and mix with vintage sounds from names like Neve, Manley, API and others.

Improved converters

The AD/DA converters are another element that have been completely redesigned. They now offer more headroom and less distortion than ever before. This means crystal-clear recording at 24-bit/192 kHz quality with unsurpassed clarity, depth and accuracy. The Apollo Twin MkII comes with Realtime Analog Classics plugins included and you can also access the award-winning UAD Powered plugins with vintage EQs, compressors, reverbs, tape machines and more.

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