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Unlimited Possibilities with the Source Audio One Series Nemesis Delay

Source Audio is puling out all the stops with the One Series Nemesis Delay, that was introduced at this year's NAMM show. Independent experts in the States are actually convinced it's the best delay pedal in the world to date due to its realistic sounds, spacious high-quality audio, countless functions on a clear, user-friendly interface, and the fact that you can operate it with an app on your iOS or Android device.

24 delay engines

With this Source Audio One Series Delay pedal, Nemesis offers 24 delay engines, including Vintage Tape Delay, Noise Tape, Pitch Shifting Delay, and Rhythmic Delay. It's equipped with an analogue as well as a digital delay engine and delivers a noise-free, resonating, warm yet sharp sound. It also has a MIDI input and a MIDi thru for full MIDI operation and can function in various modes in mono as well as stereo for ping pong and other stereo effects.

Endless echo

Each of the various delay engines are representative of Source Audio's innovative approach. The Shifter Delay, for instance, creates a polyphonic repetition jump in a higher or lower octave, in minor or major third, fourth or fifth. The Sweeper function mixes repetition and filter effects together to make a unique hybrid sound. Create reverse echos with Helix and Reverse, and perfect order amongst the chaos of delays with Multi Tap Reverse Patterns, Harmonica Pitch Shifting effects. using the Hold function, you can capture a portion of the delay and loop it indefinitely. This pedal is an all-in-one effect for creative guitarists who want a fast delay as well as an advanced echo at hand at all times.  After you've played around with the Source Audio One Series Nemesis Delay for a while, you'll have any kind of echo you want at your fingertips!

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