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Update Adds Recording Functionality to Soundcraft Ui12 & Ui16

Give your Soundcraft Ui12 and Ui16 digital mixers a boost with this free firmware update. The update will allow you to make stereo recordings on both models via the USB port. A number of other new features are included in the update too and, best of all, you can download it for free!

Comprehensive update

Apart from the recording functionality, Soundcraft has included a number of handy new features in the update for the Ui12 and Ui16 models. Both Sync ID (which syncs multiple browser screens) and Microsoft EDGE will be supported and you'll be able to set up an administrator with password. You can also set the portrait mode on your mobile device. The mute function ensures that the incoming AUX signal in PFL is suppressed and you can set local user settings so that you'll have the proper setup everywhere. For the full list of updates click here.

The update for the Ui12 can be downloaded here, and the update for the Ui16 here. For more information about either mixer, take a look at the product pages. For more news sign up here for our newsletter!

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