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Updated Rekordbox 4.1 Now with DVS Functionality

If you own Pioneer DJ gear, then you probably know about Rekordbox. This free music management system has been upgraded to version 4.1. It was already possible to control MIDI using the Rekordbox DJ, but with this DVS expansion and a specially-made Control Vinyl that allows a responsive setup, you now have complete control over your traditional vinyl records as well!

Analogue and digital

Switching between software is no longer necessary thanks to Rekordbox 4.1 by Pioneer. The DVS function on the Rekordbox DJ makes it possible to scratch your music on CDs, XDJs or controllers. But now, you can scratch records too! That's what the special Control Vinyl in was developed for. This software offers you extremely low latency and the same audio processor as in any professional setup. High-quality audio is at your fingertips!


You can change the order of your visual layout in the Rekordbox DJ depending on your own personal preference using different modes. The Absolute Mode is designed for traditional old-school DJs who are used to working with vinyl and appreciate a straightforward overview that only shows the necessary elements. The Relative mode, however, offers access to hot cues, sync, and allows you to scratch from anywhere - it doesn't even matter where the needle is on the record. All this in combination with MIDI Learn gives you an arsenal of sounds.

If you purchase a Pioneer DDJ-RZ controller, you'll get Rekordbox DJ and DVS with it. If you only want to use the free music management system, you can get the DJ plus DVS bundle on the Pioneer website. Control Vinyl is not available yet, but keep an eye on this site for up-to-date information, or sign up for the newsletter!