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Urbanears Autumn Collection

Urbanears announced three new autumn colours: Flint Blue, Sea Grey and Bonfire Orange. The Plattan, Zinken, Humlan and Kransen series have all received new models with these fresh new finishes.

Despite the fact that Urbanears is a relatively young company, they've managed to build up quite the fan base. That is mostly due to their varied assortment of headphones, and their durable, iconic design - each model features only one colour. Furthermore, Urbanears has a pair of headphones for every type of listener: the Zinken are pro DJ headphones, while the Plattan models are more all-round. The Kransen have an in-ear design, and they're especially well suited for use when your exercising. Finally, the Humlan headphones are the world's first washable headphones. All these series are now available in three new colours, which will match your autumn wardrobe perfectly.

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