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Vegas 15 Goes in Premier!

These software packages for Windows enable you to edit your own films! Vegas 15 EDIT, Vegas 15 and Vegas 15 Suite are developed by the brand Magix, but here at Bax, Vegas (as well as their audio counterpart Sound Forge) gets full credit!

An entire digital editing studio 

It's the familiar recipe: three software versions that increase in possibilities and price as you go up. The entry-level edition, otherwise known as the EDIT version, is an excellent program that offers you all the options you need to edit your own films and videos. The comprehensive Vegas 15 offers many top-notch effects compared to the EDIT version. With it, you aren't just the director, you're the visual effects specialist as well! Lastly, for those who want all the options, Vegas offers the Suite version, which includes even more effects.

Professional trilogy

Even though these three versions are different, they share some fundamental similarities as well. Each package in this lineup is 100% professional, allowing you to edit 4K video as well (if your system can handle it, that is). Each package has an equally easy user interface, which is something Vegas is known for. Each package enables you to edit, cut and paste audio in a streamlined way. Long story short, if you're serious about video, then this Vegas software belongs at the top of your wishlist! 

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