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Vintage Reissued V6 now available as a superstrat!

Most guitar players will be familiar with Vintage guitars. The brand is well-known for its excellent price to quality ratio. For budget-conscious guitar virtuosos, Vintage introduces the V6M24 superstrat, available in Laguna Blue, Daytona Yellow and Ventura Green.

Vintage guitars offer high-quality specs at a remarkably reasonable price. It's no wonder, then, that the Vintage V6 has been a staple amongst fans of the famous ST model. Now, Vintage introduces the V6M24, an ST-model guitar that is built according to the best superstrat traditions. It's free of unnecessary bells and whistles, and fitted with hardware that makes the V6M24 excellently suited for fast-paced riffs and loud types of music. Real shredders will appreciate the comfortable 24-fret maple fretboard. Furthermore, two Wilkinson humbuckers ensure a fantastic sound, while the locking tuners allow you to go for the deepest dive-bombs with the tremolo without fear of detuning. This guitar is available in three striking colours: the V6M24LB in Laguna Blue, the V6M24VG in Ventura Green, and the V6M24DY in Daytona Yellow. Are you looking for a great, affordable superstrat? Then be sure to try out this powerhouse by Vintage guitars!

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