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Visual Productions Expands with QuadCore and LPU-2

Visual Productions is working hard to become one of the top brands in the world of lighting. With their unique perspective on DMX software that's based on the concept of Cuelists, and their excellent hardware, Visual Productions is a name to remember. Now, with the unveiling of QuadCore and Cuety LPU-2, they've clearly taken another step in the right direction.


The QuadCore is a real powerhouse, capable of driving a maximum of 2,048 DMX channels dispersed over four DMX universes despite its compact size. This is possible either using your own software, CueluxPro, or other options offered by QuadCore, namely Art-Net and sACN, for example. All this versatility makes it an excellent interface that's suitable for a wide range of applications, for mobile/live as well as permanent installations. For light technicians, the QuadCore is worth its weight in gold!

Cuety LPU-2

Now, we come to the Cuety LPU-2 controller. We were already familiar with the LPU-1, which was a hole-in-one as far as accessible software and simple (wireless) controls were concerned. There was however one drawback - it was only compatible with iOS devices. That issue has now been solved with the release of Cuety LPU-2, which is fully compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and even Linux! Cuety features more than 3,500 Personality Files, automatic Shape and FX generators, and the fact that you're not bound to one spot, means you can move through the venue and adjust your show based on the space. The LPU-2 makes it all possible.

Keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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