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VOX Launches Futuristic Starstream Modelling Guitars

VOX's new Starstream Type 1 totally redefines the electric guitar as we know it. Thanks to innovative styling and advanced modelling technology, the VSS-1 models offer all kinds of exciting new possibilities!

Intuitive technology

According to VOX themselves, the Starstream Type 1 guitar "is the latest evolution in onboard guitar electronics"with its incorporated AREOs-D system. This system gives you complete control over your tone in an intuitive manner. At the same time, its passive humbuckers offer an authentic electric guitar sound. Using its advanced modelling software, this guitar's piezo pickup can provide a variety of instrument sounds ranging from a traditional acoustic steel-string, banjo or sitar, for instance, to all-out electronic synthesizer sounds!

Remarkable construction

To make this streamlined guitar as comfortable as it is eye-catching, VOX developed an ergonomic, three-dimensional frame. The use of mango wood for the body is a unique detail, as this type of wood offers excellent resonance and a warm tone. This guitar has a high playability factor thanks to a C-profile maple neck and rosewood fretboard with a 12-inch radius and 22 medium jumbo frets. The bonus of a 2-point tremolo offers the possibility to add vibrato effects to your playing. In short, the VOX VSS-1 is an ultra-modern instrument in every way.

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.
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