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Want to Be a Light Jockey? You Can, With the SUSHI-DS!

Breaking into the lighting industry isn't easy. All those big DMX tables use complicated software that's hard to understand. Fortunately, DMXsoft has the solution in the form of the SUSHI-DS. No, we're not talking about raw fish. We're talking about the Sunlite Universal Smart Handy Interface, a.k.a. SUSHI!


The SUSHI-DS is actually a miniature USB DMX interface. By using the included USB cable, you can easily connect it to your laptop. Plug a regular 3-pin XLR cable into the interface to hook up your lighting. You can even use this interface without a laptop or PC by pre-programming your shows on the SUSHI-DS itself. A single push of a button on the interface allows you to play them back.

Free software

The SUSHI-DS gives you access to four different kinds of DMX software: Sunlite, Dashligt, Lumidesk Lite and Easy Stand Alone. You can even purchase more comprehensive versions of this software at DMXsoft. You'll be ready to face the future with even more DMX channels and more functionality! In short, the SUSHI-DS is an excellent way for beginner light jockeys to get to know their software when working with it for the first time.

Keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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