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Watch Out for the Bite of Blackstar's Snake Skin Series

Once you've been bitten by Blackstar's HT Metal Snake Skin series, the only antidote is to use it as much as possible!

Limited edition

Blackstar is adding some special models to their series of HT Metal tube amplifiers. These new models all have a stunning snake-skin finish that fits in perfectly with the brutal metal sounds these compact guitar amplifiers are capable of producing. The look and sound is unmissable, and as these models are available in a limited quantity only, you should strike now if you want one.

Combo or half-stack

There are two combos available, the HT Metal 1 and the HT Metal 5. Both are compact enough to take easily to rehearsals or gigs. There are also a half stacks available with either the 1H or 5H paired with the HT Metal 112 speaker cabinet. Whatever you choose, watch out for the bite of Blackstar's Snake Skin series.

Keep an eye on the product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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