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What you've been Waiting for: Bogner La Grange

The Bogner La Grange was announced in 2015, and after that we never heard of the fine dirt pedal again. Until now, that is! Bogner has finally brought out their overdrive pedal, and it's packed with Plexi drive and 40 years of British rock sounds.

Plexi crunch

Originally, the La Grange was supposed to produce the classic '60s Plexi sound. Don't worry though, because it still does that, and the channel blend function has also stayed the same. It's perfect for those fat Texas blues in the pedal's ZZ Top namesake song. It's nice and muddy; you know what I'm talkin' about.

High Gain Brown Sound

Along with the popular gain control, the La Grange now has an extra switch so you can adjust the range of distortion. From classic crunch to modern British high-gain, you can do it all with the La Grange! If you're a guitarist with a strong stomach, then there's the Variac switch (try at your own risk) for that notorious Brown Sound. In short, the La Grange is 40 years of Marshall packed into one pedal.

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