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Write a Review and Win! | January Winners

Share your experience of Bax Music or on one of the many products in our range! As an incentive, we'll give away two £250 gift cards every month; one to a customer who reviews Bax Music and one to a customer who reviews one of our products. Here are the winners for January!

Winning Product Review for January

Dave Winget wrote a review about the AKG K52 closed headphones. Thank you for your review, and we hope you enjoy spending your £250 Bax Music gift card!

"These are great headphones for the money. They sound incredible. I can't figure out how the fitting mechanism works (there is no adjustment) but they fit perfectly and are comfortable (other brands I've tried are generally too tight) even after 2-3 hours. They don't let much outside sound in, and the lead is nice a long."

Winning Bax Music Review for January

Congratulations to Andrew Gordon , who won a £250 gift card for leaving this review of Bax Music on Trustpilot:

"Having read other reviews I was a little apprehensive about placing my order but the price was just so much lower than anywhere else online that I thought I'd be mad not to. Fortunately I had nothing to worry about as the whole process was absolutely painless. From the moment I placed my order to the time it was delivered, two business days later, I was kept informed of its progress and I was able to track it along the way. Like other reviewers have mentioned the orders do ship from the Netherlands but don't let this put you off. If the item is in stock and you order before the daily deadline your order will arrive as promised in two business days. Which is pretty amazing considering I've had orders from parts of the UK take much longer to arrive under the same circumstances. So, would I use Bax Music again? Definitely. Their prices are very competitive and their service, for me, was fantastic. Would I recommend Bax Music to others? Again, definitely and for the same reasons."

Want to win a gift card too?

By writing a review, you're helping others make the right choice, and you give us a chance to improve our services.

Do you want to write a review about a product you've purchased?

  • Go to the product page on www.bax-shop.co.uk.
  • Log in with your account, if you haven't logged in already.
  • Go to the Reviews section of the product that you've purchased.
  • Write your review. It's that easy!

If you want to write a review about Bax Music (about our service, support or online store), you can do so on Trustpilot.

Bax Music will pick a random winner from all reviews* written in the corresponding month. We don not select the most positive review, but we randomly select a winner from the participants.

*Make sure your review follows these guidelines!

When reviewing one of our products, we kindly ask that you bear the following guidelines in mind. Please note that reviews that don’t follow these guidelines may not be posted on the Bax Music website.

  • Your review should focus on the product itself and where possible include any plus or minus points.

  • Your review should be clear and concise with use of correct punctuation and at least 10 words long.

  • Your review should not contain any offensive language, personal information or any reference to prices or competitors.

  • Your review should only be about the product. To review our services, please use one of the relevant channels.

  • Your review should not be contain any questions. If you have a question about a product, please contact our Customer Service team by sending an email to customer-service@bax-shop.co.uk or by using our online form.

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