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Xvive Audio: mini effects pedals with grand sound

Xvive effects pedals for electric guitar and bass are perfect for musicians who are looking for a budget-friendly stomp box that doesn't take up that much space on a pedal board. With no fewer than 24 different types of effects and accessories, there is something for everyone.

Xvive Analog Series: great sound quality

By closely working with musicians and engineers, Xvive managed to develop a series of pedals with powerful tone, great user-friendliness, and with a durable housing. Because these stomp boxes have such a compact size, they're easily added to your pedal board. The guitar effects from the Analog Series are completely analogue and true bypass in order to maintain high signal quality. From subtle overdrive to heavy distortion, from modulation to time editing, you'll find all of these features in Xvive's series of analogue effects pedals.

Xvive Digital Series and accessories

The D3 Duet Looper is a unique stereo looper with high headroom and an extremely fast response. This stomp box even features a USB port, for downloading future firmware updates. Another pedal from this series is the D1 Maxverb. This reverb pedal has one of the most popular sounds: 60s Spring, 50s Plate or the classic Hall effect. A great advantage of a digital reverb is that ambient noise is kept to a minimum. For musicians who are new to the world of effects, Xvive also offers a practical F2 pedal board or an F1 flight case, so that you can easily compose your own effects unit.

Xvive Audio: passion and experience

Xvive was founded in 2012 by a group of enthusiastic musicians, looking for the perfect sound at a sharp price. Xvive Audio's aim is therefore to produce products with unsurpassed build and sound quality. All Xvive effects pedals are made in America by a team of experts with years of experience, including Thomas Blug and Ray Heasman. Their vision is that quality products should be made available at a competitive price, so that every musician is able to enjoy them.

Check out our product pages for up-to-date delivery times and prices.

V1 Classic Rock
V2 Distortion
V3 Metal
V4 Fuzz Screamer
V5 Delay
V6 Phaser King
V7 Tube Drive
V8 Chorus Vibrato
V9 Lemon Squeezer Compressor
V10 Amp Litone Booster
V11 Noise Gate
V12 ABY Mini Switch
V13 DI Box Mini
V14 Metal Head
V15 Tone Shaper Equalizer
V16 Undulator Stereo Tremolo
V17 Singing Autowah
V18 Multi Voice Distortion
V19 Power Station 220V Micro Power Supply
T1 Golden Browine Distortion
O1 Tube Squasher Overdrive
D1 Maxverb Reverb
D3 Duet Stereo Looper
PT-03 Pedal Tuner
F2 Pedal Board
F1 Flight Pedal Case

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