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Xvive DynaRock: Reactive, Musical and Ultra High Gain

Ultra high gain distortion pedals are usually not very versatile. You also wouldn't normally describe them as reactive or musical, either. The Xvive DynaRock, however, is the exception to the rule. As if you're playing a tube amp at max volume, the DynaRock reacts to the volume knob on your guitar in subtlety and performance.

Dynamic Distortion

Xvive has launched pedals in the past in collaboration with the blues rock guitarist Thomas Blug, who is very popular in Germany. After the success of the Golden Brownie and theTube Squasher, they've now launched a remarkably reactive distortion pedal, the T2 DynaRock. The mid boost delivers extra punch in the mid range, and when you turn the Drive down and the Volume up, the DynaRock makes an excellent boost pedal. All in all, it's an exceptionally versatile pedal. Although it's almost impossible to describe sound, the video below gives a pretty good indication of everything the DynaRock has to offer.

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