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Yamaha Clavinova CLP-600 Series: Grand Sound and Feel

Yamaha have given all their Clavinova CLP digital pianos an upgrade, resulting in the brand-new 600 series. The sound and feel have both been significantly enhanced, resulting in a digital playing experience that's never been closer to an acoustic grand!

Six models

Just like the previous CLP-500 series, Yamaha is launching six models that increase in functionality, audio reproduction and realistic playing feel as the model numbers go up. At entry level, there is the CLP-625. After that comes the CLP-635, 645, 675 and 685. The CLP-665 model stands out from the rest in that it's a grand piano while the others are upright variations. Each model is available in at least two colours, and in some cases, six!

Realistic keys

In order to reproduce the feel of an acoustic piano as accurately as possible, all the CLP-600 series pianos are equipped with Hammer Action keys. Each key is coated with a synthetic ivory finish that prevents fingers from slipping during playing. The CLP-675 and 685 both feature the innovative GrandTouch keyboard, which boasts the same sensitivity as the keyboard of an acoustic grand piano.

Two grands in one

To make these digital pianos sound as much like an acoustic grand as possible, Yamaha has created samples taken from two world-famous concert grand pianos, namely the powerful Yamaha CFX and the unmistakable Bösendorfer Imperial. The CLP-685 also includes the Yamaha C7 Studio Grand. What's more, the entire CLP-600 series (with the exception of the CLP-625) is equipped with the sound of an acoustic upright piano.

Resonance technology

Yamaha used Virtual Resonance Modelling (VRM) technology in the development of the CLP-600 series which accurately simulates the housing of an acoustic grand piano. This system reproduces every vibration, string and attenuation resonance, and key-off samples with precision. When sampling the grand piano sounds, Yamaha even took into consideration where the pianist was sitting, a process known as Binaural sampling.

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