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Yamaha CLP-525 digital piano, now also in white!

It's been a while since the Yamaha CLP-525 saw the light of day, an excellent digital piano for beginners as well as advanced players. Yamaha has introduced a new colour to the series: the Yamaha CLP-525 in matte white.

As far as sound goes, this digital piano is a winner. Yamaha also makes grand pianos like the CF3S, which is one of their most popular - and expensive - models. This characteristic sound is actually included in the CLP-525. As compact as it may look, the CLP-525 can sound as grand as a concert piano. Due to its compact design and modest weight, this is the ideal digital piano for use at home. And because 'home' is more than just the living room, this piano is also perfectly suitable for the bedroom, or any other space in your house! That's one of the advantages of digital pianos: maximum portability!

This piano will be available in October 2015. This piano is so new on the market, the retail price isn't known yet, but it will likely be similar to other CLP-525 models. In any case: an attractive model worth considering!

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