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Yamaha Extends Temporary 5-Year Guarantee on Clavinova and Modus

More than a year ago, Yamaha announced they would temporarily be extending the guarantee period of the Clavinova and the Modus models from three to five years. This offer was intended to end on March 31st of 2016, but Yamaha made it known today that they will be extending that offer for another two years. That means you have until march 31st, 2018 to take advantage of a whopping five-year guarantee when you purchase a digital piano from the Yamaha CLP or CVP series, or a Modus F02.

If you decide to purchase a digital piano from the CLP or CVP series, or the Modus F02 before March 2018, your instrument will be guaranteed for five years! The procedure is the same. Simply download Yamaha's registration form online and you'll receive a guarantee certificate via email. You can register your digital piano up to six months after the purchase date.

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