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Yamaha H2791 Teaser: A New THR amplifier?

Yamaha moves music enthusiasts to the edge of their seats with teasers for the H2791 and the hashtag #DontEmulateCreate. The rumour mill has been at it for a while, but exact specifications remain elusive. Everything seems to indicate that this is about a new type of THR amplifier that allows you to select various types of amp tubes.

Power: pick your tubes

The teaser picture shows a selection of power valves, such as the 6V6, EL84, KT88, 6L6GC and EL34. It would seem that with the H2791, Yamaha is throwing down the gauntlet to the successful Blackstar ID series. These amps allow you to emulate the response of various types of power valves, giving you the characteristic sound and the dynamics of a real tube amp.

Design: Yamaha combo amplifier

The Yamaha logo is proudly displayed on a retro-themed speaker cloth. So is this a powerful combo amp? Or are there perhaps multiple models in the line up, perhaps including a new, lunchbox-style amp with added functionality? Maybe there will even be a 19" rack version!

H2791: lifting the veil

Much like the product itself, the name is shrouded in mystery. Chances are, H2791 refers to the number of Yamaha's booth at the LA Amp & Custom Guitar Show in October. We expect to learn more next week, so keep an eye on the Bax-shop news page!

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