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Yamaha HS Studio Monitors - Extreme Discount!

Here at Bax Music, we do our best to offer you the very best gear at the very best prices. This time, we've got a great deal on these top-notch HS7i and HS8i studio monitors by Yamaha in pristine white.

A studio monitor is crucial

The importance of a set of studio monitors can't be stressed enough. This special type of speaker ensures the audio sounds as neutral as possible, which makes them better for recording and mixing than Hi-Fi speakers. Monitors with a 7 or 8-inch woofer are suitable for larger, more in-depth work with an emphasised lower frequency range like soundtracks, classical music and EDM.

Yamaha studio monitors - extreme discount

The white HS7i and HS8i are available now at an amazing discount. This is your chance to invest in a set of professional studio monitors that match with any other white equipment you may own, like the white AKAI MPC Studio or white Waldorf Blofeld. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this great deal while supplies last!

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