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Yamaha Introduces High-Quality Junior Drum Kits

Many young drummers encounter the same problem: regular drum kits are too big for them to reach all elements comfortably. Luckily, Yamaha proves there are better alternatives than a toy drum set with their new Manu Katche Junior Drum Kits.

Working with Manu Katché

For this project, Yamaha got together with French drummer Manu Katché. This prodigious percussionist has played with many great artists such as Peter Gabriel, Sting and Tori Amos, to name a few. To ensure these kits offer professional quality, they've been constructed out of birch for a bright, clear sound that even holds up in a recording environment.

Compact sizes

But what makes these kits so great for young drummers in particular, then? Well, the answer is easy: they're quite small. There's the 12 x 5" snare drum, that will allow children to sit behind the kit comfortably while still being able to reach the pedals. Furthermore, the 10 x 7" and 12 x 7" toms are mounted on the 16 x 15" bass drum, so they're not too high, and a 13 x 12" floor tom completes the set.

This drum kit is available in three colours, Deep Violet, Cranberry Red and Raven Black, as well as in versions with or without stands.

Of course, adults will also find plenty to like about these drum kits. To cater to that more mature audience, they also come with a bass drum riser and feature height-adjustable toms. Using those, you can transform them into highly compact drum kits that are great for use on the road.

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