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Yamaha Introduces MX MK2 Synthesizers

All of a sudden, Yamaha has introduced no fewer than six new synths that follow in the footsteps of the old MX. Although Yamaha hasn't come up with a brand new name for their latest line of synths, with names like the MK2, V2 and II, you can expect them to live up to the same high quality standards as other Yamaha synthesizers.

Black, blue, and white

These new synths are available in two editions, with either 49 or 61 keys, and come in three colours: black, white, and a popping bright blue. If the blue doesn't strike your fancy, then the possibilities are sure to, as the MX offers you all the Motif-XS sounds.You can even use the MX to control all of the functions and sounds of the iPhone/iPad-app FM Essential. Furthermore, the MX is an extremely versatile synthesizer with a polyphony of 128 voices and 16 parts, making it ideal for elaborate and layered arrangements. Add a diverse amount of effects, vintage simulations, numerous features, and a high-quality sound to the mix and you'll see why Yamaha is one of the industry leaders when it comes to creating top-notch synths.

DAW compatible

The MX is a great addition to your studio, no matter how many different types of software or plugins you use. The MX also has a USB MIDI and a USB audio interface so you can control your plugins with the rotary encoders and send your sound straight to the DAW, digitally! Don't have a DAW yet? You're in luck! Each of these synths come with a free version of Cubase AI by software developer Steinberg, which is part of Yamaha...

In short, the new edition MX-synths are remarkably affordable for all they have to offer. What more could you want?

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