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Yamaha Introduces New HPH-MT7 Studio Monitor Headphones

Today, we've got some hot news for you, fresh off the press from Yamaha! With the HPH-MT7 Studio Monitor headphones, the Japanese manufacturer is releasing a brand new model. More and more audio engineers prefer working with headphones while they're mixing in the studio, so there was an increasing demand for decent, reliable headphones that reproduce audio in an honest, neutral way. The Yamaha HPH-MT7 headphones set a new standard for the studio, just like the NS-10M Studio Monitors did before them.

Yamaha HPH-MT7 Studio Monitor headphones

In the studio it is of vital importance that every single detail of your music is audible, so you're able to make well-informed decisions about which frequencies to boost or take out. Many headphones add colouration to your sound, to various extents. Some models emphasise the low end, for instance, which is great for certain applications, but when you're working in the studio, you need to hear a sound source as it truly is. As a mixing/mastering engineer or a producer, fortunately you can now rely on the HPH-MT7 headphones to provide you with detailed, honest audio.

Audio reproduction and comfort

The HPH-MT7 headphones are equipped with powerful 40mm drivers with CCAW voice coils, ensuring a wide frequency range and a quick response. Their sound-isolating closed construction doesn't just block out ambient noise, it also prevents sound leakage. To keep you comfortable during long studio sessions, the headphones feature an adjustable headband with soft padding. The ear pads are made of synthetic leather and enclose your ears so they won't apply any unnecessary pressure. Both the headband and the soft ear pads are sweat-proof, and the earpieces can swivel for easy one-sided monitoring, which can be of great use while you're mixing.

The Yamaha HPH-MT7s are fitted with a 3-metre cable with a stereo mini jack connector on the end. A threaded stereo jack adapter plug is included, however, so you'll be able to plug into virtually any kind of professional audio equipment. For easy transport and storage, the headphones come with a practical lined carrying bag. Check out the Yamaha HPH-MT7 product page for more information about these studio headphones.

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