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Yamaha Presents the DXS 18 Active Subwoofer

Yamaha couldn't have timed the introduction of their new DXS-18 active subwoofer better. As it's still summer, dance event promoters will jump to the chance to work with this powerhouse.

Remember the DXS-12 and the DXS-15? Both subwoofers were a great match for the Yamaha DXR speaker series. With the DXS-18, Yamaha has added an 18-inch model to their line-up, which hugely benefits your frequency range. Whereas the DXS-15 is capable of reproducing bass tones as low as 45 Hz, the DXS-18 extends that range down to an incredible 32 Hz. That's great news for any music lover, as it means you'll be able to hear even the lowest tones of your favourite music - be it pop, rock, dance or even classical.


Incorporating the DXS-18 into your setup is a piece of cake, as all its inputs and outputs run via XLR connectors. A 35mm or M20 speaker pole is all you need to create a nice configuration with your other speakers. If you intend to use various DXS-18 models in a single setup, its cardioid mode will come in handy. It increases the bottom-end output directed towards your audience, while efficiently reducing stage-side sound pressure.

If you're looking for a subwoofer to crank up the bass at a party, the Yamaha DXS18 is an outstanding choice. Boasting a sound pressure level of 132 dB, you'll keep your guests glued to the dance floor. The subwoofer's deep frequency range, however, makes it just as perfect for music reproduction in general. In short, with the DXS 18, the Japanese electronics mogul Yamaha has introduced a powerful sub that's hard to resist.

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