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Yamaha Reveals the Long-Awaited THR100H and THR100H Dual

Recently, Bax-shop already reported on the teaser Yamaha released for the THR100H and THR100H Dual. That teaser already hinted at two very elaborate high-end amps. Now that we can finally tell you what they actually, are, we can assure you that these amplifiers will blow you away! Besides the two amp heads, Yamaha will also release two speaker cabinets that are designed specifically for the THR100 amplifiers: the THRC112 and the THRC212.

THR100H: limitless possibility

The Yamaha THR100H guitar amplifier head gives you access to the sound of pretty much any type of legendary amp you can imagine. Through the analogue modelling of Yamaha's VCM technology, these amps accurately replicate the tonal characteristics of no fewer than five different types of tubes (6V6, EL84, KT88, 6L6GC, EL34). And as if that's not enough, you can also set the amplifier class (A/AB). Furthermore, you'll have five types of preamps at your disposal (solid, clean, crunch, lead, modern). Guitar enthusiasts hardly need more information to know that this is something special. These amps can replicate the tube combination of virtually every iconic amplifier you can imagine. From a Class AB 6V6 Tweed crunch to a Class A EL84 British sparkle, all the way to a modern KT88 High gain. The possibilities are endless.

THR100H Dual: Double the fun

The THR100H already has plenty to offer, but with the THR100H Dual, Yamaha ups the ante once again. It really doubles the amount of options you have. The Dual features two closed circuits. Each circuit allows you to set a type of tube, preamp and amplifier class, just like the single-circuit THR100H amp does, and with the included footswitch, you can easily switch between the two channels. As such, you'll have access to a wide range of classic tube amp sounds, while being able to switch between different types with ease. Besides a joint speaker output, the THR10-H Dual also features a separate output for each channel. This allows you to use a different speaker cabinet for each channel. Both the THR100H and the THR100H Dual features an XLR output for each channel.

THRC112 and THRC212: versatile speaker cabinets

Replicating the sound of all those iconic amps is not just a matter of selecting the right tubes, though, as speakers also impact the overall sound in a big way. Of course, versatile amplifiers like the Yamaha THR100H and THR100H Dual need equally versatile speakers! That's why the Yamaha THRC112 uses an Eminence Legend 1218 speaker, as that offers a highly balanced response. Meanwhile, the Yamaha THRC212 actually uses two different speakers, adding an Eminence Tonker speaker besides the Eminence Legend 1218. The former is excellently suited for more vintage amp types. Clearly, the THRC212 works very well with the THR100H Dual, as it allows you to hook up each channel to the speaker that suits it best.

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