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Yamaha's latest clavinovas

Yamaha introduces the new CVP-700 series, which is part of the popular Clavinova line of digital pianos. The introduced models are - in ascending order of features and sound quality - the Yamaha CVP-701, the CVP-705 and the CVP-709. You won't find better clavinovas anywhere.


Yamaha's Clavinova series has always been famous for its formidable sounds and its comfortable, natural response. The CVP-600 series used to be the top of the range, but with the CVP-700 series just around the corner, there is a new leader of the pack. The CVP-700s are top-quality instruments that are great for use in the living room, and that are suited for both beginners and advanced players. Sound-wise, the terrific tones of the Yamaha CFX grand and the Bösendorfer Imperial take centre stage. All models feature Virtual Resonance Modeling, which guarantees an incredibly realistic sound that reproduces even the most subtle string vibrations.

Keyboard and sounds

Whether you've just taken your first piano lesson or have been playing for a long time, it's important to have the feel of a real piano under your fingers. As such, the CVP-701 (in Black Walnut and Polished Ebony) features a Graded Hammer 3X keyboard which - contrary to the CVP-601 - features grand-style escapement and synthetic ivory keys. Also new are the impressive 256-tone polyphony, the 4.3-inch colour display and the microphone input. Yamaha have even improved on the digital piano's sounds and styles: it features no fewer than 1,286 high-quality sounds and 310 preset accompaniment styles.

Piano Room and Guide Lamps

Each of the three new pianos features Yamaha's improved Piano Room, which contains additional vintage electric pianos this time around. Session Mode is also very interesting. In this mode, you are accompanied by three virtual musicians in any of 40 available styles. These virtual musicians will automatically follow the harmonies you play over either the entire keyboard, or just the left half. Thanks to the Dynamics Control feature, the CVP-700 series even takes into account any fluctuations in volume and/or intensity. If that's a little too complicated for you, the CVPs also have a special Guide feature, which allows you to practise certain piano parts. The Guide lights indicate which keys you should press and when you should press them.

Different models

The CVP-705, which is also available in Black Walnut and Polished Ebony (glossy) takes things a step further than the 701. Instead of the GH3X, this model features a deluxe natural NWX keyboard (Natural Wood). Furthermore, the CVP-709 takes keyboard response to the next level, as it is equipped with Linear Graded Hammers and counterweights. Each model also has an increasing number of instruments, styles and built-in speakers, as well as a larger display. The 705 and 709 even have a touch-sensitive display. The CVP-709 comes in three different finishes - Black Walnut, Polished Ebony and Polished White - while the grand piano versions of the 709 come in glossy black and white.

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