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Zildjian Introduces the S Family series: 33 New Cymbals!

Zildjian spent two years developing their new S Family series. This extensive new range consists of a whopping 33 cymbals and two cymbal sets. If you're looking for bright-sounding cymbals that are suitable for a remarkably wide musical repertoire, then take a closer look at these new Zildjian cymbals!

Zildjian S Family: B12 cymbals like you've never seen them before

The cymbals in this series are made of a B12 alloy that consists of 12% tin and 88% copper. For two years, Zildjian's Soundlab conducted tests and research to get new, modern sounds out of this age-old material. And boy, did they succeed! Overall, the S Family cymbals have an expressive bright sound with a relatively high pitch and an average volume range. Compared to the K Custom series—which is made of the B20 alloy—the S series cymbals sound brighter and more focused, with less wash. These cymbals are great for any number of genres, but it's clear that Zildjian focuses mostly on pop and rock-oriented drummers. Zildjian S Family cymbals are a great choice for beginner drummers, but even more advanced players will find plenty to like here, especially considering their price range. The S Family series contains no fewer than 33 cymbals and two cymbal packs. You can find all the available cymbals at the bottom of this page. Be sure to also check out the official introduction video. Finally, under the 'videos' tab of each product page, you’ll find a video that demonstrates what the cymbals sounds like.

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