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Zoom Launches F4 MultiTrack Field Recorder

Zoom is making a real name for themselves in the world of mobile recording devices. Their popular H1 stereo recorders were a huge hit, for instance. Firstly because of their compact size, and secondly due to their incredible audio quality. The latest Zoom product, the F4 field recorder, is essentially the smaller version of the F8. With this recorder, you can make your cinematic dreams come true. Record Hollywood studio-quality audio on location and add it to your film or documentary in post-production. Want to use the F4 as an audio interface? No problem. Simply use the included USB cable to record audio with a sample rate of up to 96 kHz and 24-bit audio quality!

The ins and outs of the F4

The F4 boasts four excellent microphone preamps for your favourite mics. Each Neutrik combo XLR/jack input on this device has a locking mechanism to prevent your cables from falling out. You can also invest in an EXH-6 XLR/TRS capsule which gives the F4 even more connection options, including the addition of two more microphones. The preamps offer a 75 dB gain with line levels that can deliver a boost of +4 dB. By means of the BNC connectors on the rear of the F4, you can sync a clock to find specific sections in your audio or edit via a generated time code. In short, the Zoom F4 offers features that will turn your production from amateur to professional!

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