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Lowest-Price Guarantee

At Bax Music, we strive to offer our products at the lowest prices. However, if you happen to find the product you want at a different official (online)retailer at a lower price (including shipping costs), then we may be able to match the price.

When does price-matching apply?

Price-matching may be applicable if the product in question meets the following conditions:

  • The product offered by the competitor is exactly the same (make, model, colour etc.) as the product at Bax Music.
  • The product must be in stock and available for purchase at the competitor.
  • The product offered by the competitor bears the same purchasing, return, and warranty conditions.
  • The other (online)store must be located within the European Community.
  • The competitor offering the product must be an official retailer.
  • The price of the product offered by the competitor must be the regular price. Price-matching is not possible on products that are temporarily reduced in price or on sale.
  • Shipping costs are included when comparing the price of the product offered by the competitor to the price offered at Bax Music.
  • Unfortunately, personal discount codes can not be used after the lowest-price guarantee has been applied to a product. The code is valid for any other product you order.
  • Products by Yamaha and Line 6 are not eligible for price-matching.

How do I inform Bax Music about a product with a lower price?

Go to the page of the product on the Bax Music site and click the link: ‘Cheaper elsewhere?’ This will open a pop-up window where you can fill in the link to the product page of the competitor's site and the price of the product. Also fill in your name and email address so we can get in touch with you.

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