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Replacement Parts

At Bax Music, you can order replacement parts and we can even try and track down parts for you. We work with a wide range of suppliers and brands and are able to acquire replacement parts for all kinds of products, new and old. That means you might be able to repair a product yourself, even if the warranty period has expired. Plus, you can maintain your gear and keep everything in great working condition.

How do I request a replacement part?

Simply fill in the replacement request form below so we can get straight to work and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

How does it work?

Requesting a price quote for a replacement part is free and does not obligate you to purchase it. Submit the completed form below and we will contact the supplier. Once the supplier sends us the availability, delivery time, and price of the part, we can send you a price quote. Once we reach a price agreement, we will order the replacement part on your behalf.

Cost of ordering replacement parts

Requesting information about replacement parts via the form below is free of charge. If you are happy with the price quoted, we will charge extra costs as follows: replacement parts that cost up to £50 will include an additional fee of £7.50 for handling and shipping costs. For parts over £50, there will be no additional charge.


Please note:

  • For all matters relating to the warranty of your product, please refer to our Warranty procedure. This form is not suitable for this purpose.
  • If you are looking for a complete product that we do not currently have in stock, please use the special Product Request Form.


Terms & Conditions

  • Once we have reached a price agreement and you have paid for the replacement part, the order can not be cancelled.
  • Replacement parts can not be returned, as they were specially ordered for you.

Looking for a product instead of a part?

If you’re looking for a product rather than a part, please use the product request form instead. You can find the product request form on this page: Product request


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