General Electric 230V/500W par64 lamp CP 88 flood

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General Electric 230V/500W par64 lamp CP 88 flood Product no.: A-565004 Warranty period: This product comes with a manufacturing defects warranty.


General Electric par 64 lamp with a GX16D lamp foot (standard lamp foot) with a 500W wattage, a 230V voltage and a life-span of approximately 300 burning hours. This lamp produces a broad Medium Flood Spot beam of light. General Electric lamps are or of a higher quality and last longer than OEM lamps, even in the most demanding situations.

Tips or comments about this product

- the service life of this lamp is an estimate, based on ideal circumstances and usage. You will not receive a guarantee on the amount of service hours. You will only receive the guarantee that the lamp is in working condition on arrival. - the picture on the website might differ slightly from reality, therefore we advise that you look closely at the product specifications.
- Should you choose to use pars as a basic light source, this leaves you with several options. You can pick a Raylight reflector with an A1/244 lamp (500W, bright, white, quick, light, tight beam comparable to NSP) or you could choose to use a pressed glass lamp. These can be ordered with different beam types. The following abbreviations are used:
- VNSP: Very Narrow Spot. This is the tightest available beam. It is used mainly for effect lighting (for instance in the well-known pin spot and Aircraft lamp).
- NSP: Narrow Spot. Tight beam, especially fit for use in discotheque’s, where only a part of the room needs to be lighted.
- MFL: Medium Flood. This is a reasonably broad beam (between a NSP and WFL). This lamp type is most popular. It can be used for effect lighting, but it also ensures large-area lighting.
- WFL: Wide Flood. This is the least tight beam of light. It is mainly used to light up entire areas.


Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 988 gr
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging) 17.0 x 17.5 x 19.5 cm

Product specifications

- GX16D lamp foot
- life-span ± 300 burning hours
- wattage: 500W
- voltage: 230V
- medium flood beam
- beam of light: flood (MFL)


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