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Payment Methods

Here at Bax Music, we accept a wide variety of payment methods. Read more about the payment options we offer below.

Methods of Payment at Bax Music

Credit Card

We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. That means that you can use any of these credit cards to make purchases on our site, without having to worry about extra fees. We will pack up your order for shipment as soon as the payment is authorised. Usually the verification process is finished within just a few minutes, though in some cases it can take up to one day. There are no transaction fees for credit card payments.

  • Please note: we are unable to take card details over the phone.


With PayPal, you can make secure purchases online without having to go through the internet banking verification process. Purchases are made in a secure online environment protected by specific PayPal security measures. Your payment will be processed in a matter of seconds.

Gift Card

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Advance payment via Bank Transfer

In the event that you do not use internet banking, you can arrange for your bank to transfer the payment. If you choose this option, you will receive an invoice via email after completing your order, so you can make the bank transfer. There are no extra transaction costs for this payment option.

Bank transfer is an extremely secure payment method, but do keep in mind that it can delay the delivery of your order by one or more days. We will ship your order once the payment is received (if it is received before 10 PM it will ship out the same day; if it is received after 10 PM it will ship out the following business day).

We always ask that you transfer the entire amount of the order, even if one or more products are on backorder. Please include the order number and your customer ID number in the payment reference for the transfer. This helps us to process the payment as quickly and efficiently as possible, which in turn minimises any delays with delivery.

Bax-shop Account Information

IBAN: NL 32 RABO 0380 5795 61


Cash on delivery

With cash on delivery, you pay the transport company directly when they deliver your order to you. Bear in mind that, in principle, you’ll have to pay the exact amount in cash because drivers are not always able to give out the correct change.

  • Cash on delivery is only possible with deliveries by Hermes.
  • For cash on delivery, we charge £6 on behalf of the transport company. These transaction costs are in addition to any other shipping costs that apply to your order.
  • Orders with a total amount of more than £2000 cannot be sent with cash on delivery.

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