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The Cajon (pronounced: Kah-hon) is basically a wooden box that you sit on and play by hitting the front panel with your hands. This popular percussive instrument originated in Peru and is constructed with a sound-hole at the back and snare wires installed on the inside. These wires rattle as the cajon is hit to give the same kind of sound you would get out of a standard acoustic snare drum. While largely played with the hands, the cajon can also be played with a pair of sticks, brushes or even a pedal, all of which create a number of different percussive effects including a kick-drum and hi-hat effect. In this way, the cajon might be described as a full acoustic drum kit in one box. We have a range of cajons available: large cajons, small cajons (cajonito), DIY cajons that you can build yourself, but also accessories like a carry bag, pedal or (more) comfortable cushions. You can also make a great start with a cajon book and, especially for the kids, we have children's cajons


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