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Thanks to digital technology, pianos are much more readily available than they used to be, meaning that beginners can learn to play a great-sounding instrument at a great price. Here at Bax-shop we stock digital pianos in all shapes and sizes. We also have the perfect digital piano, with the right price and sound, within arm's reach for more advanced and professional pianists. If you'd like to play the piano privately in your room, a home piano might be the best choice. This great alternative to the acoustic piano is quite similar in looks and is often equipped with speakers and a cabinet or frame. If you're on the road a lot and want to take your piano with you, we advise you to purchase a compact stage piano.

If you're buying your first digital piano, you could do with some practical piano accessories. Take, for instance, an adjustable piano stool or a nice, wide piano bench that ensures proper playing posture. If you have a stage piano or digital piano that isn't equipped with a frame, a sturdy piano stand might really come in handy. We also have a section with piano books that include sheet music and lesson books.

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