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Our Pro Audio department is where you'll find pro-grade audio gear for anything from fixed set-ups in pubs, restaurants and shops to the equipment needed to put on live gigs or throw any kind of party. That includes PA systems for touring bands and solo performers who prefer to lug their own portable sound rig from venue to venue.

Professional Audio Equipment

Instead of studio gear, here Pro Audio refers to professional audio gear used for live shows and events. Here, you'll find everything you need to build the perfect sound system, whether it's a complete professional speaker system, a speaker management system or accessories such as in-ear monitoring headphones, megaphones and hearing protection.

Live PA Speakers and Gear

When it comes to amplifying sound, speakers play a central role. These can be active speakers that don't require an external amplifier, or passive speakers which do. For small-scale events on location, a mobile battery-powered speaker might do the trick, but if you're setting up a serious number of sound sources you want to mix and amplify - like live microphones and musical instruments - you'll need a combination of a PA mixing console and a PA speaker system, the latter of which is made up of a number of full-range speakers and one or more subwoofers. When there are musicians on stage, it's also recommended to set up a few floor monitors or make use of in-ear monitors, while deejays will want to set up one or two special DJ monitors in their DJ booth.

Bose PA Systems and Other All-In-One Systems

Column array speaker systems like the PA systems made by Bose are extremely popular for small live events. Also called portable line array systems, these speaker systems usually include a subwoofer topped with a stack of compact speakers. The benefits of this all-in-one solution are balanced sound projection throughout the space and a design that's easy to get from A to B.

100V Speakers and Fixed Installations

If you're running a pub, restaurant or hotel, a proper sound system is pretty much essential. One way to build a fixed installation is to combine a professional media player with a rack mixer, an amplifier and a number of passive speakers. If you've got multiple rooms or simply more ground to cover, you could opt for a 100V system. The same goes for large churches and sports events.

Peripheral Audio Equipment and Other Sound Systems

There's another range of gear you can use to complete your on-stage set-up, including DI boxes, external effects like EQs and compressors, signal splitters, audio converters and speaker management systems. The importance of hearing protection shouldn't be overlooked either, and if you want to make your gear last as long as possible, the right cleaning solution and maintenance tools can also go a long way.

Audio Equipment Spare Parts

No matter how expensive it was, any bit of kit can develop a defect, or require a new power supply or a specific mounting bracket at some point. In our range of audio equipment spare parts, you'll find various replacement parts you might need to patch up your gear.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pro Audio Gear

Do I need a passive or an active PA system?

In most cases, a PA system including active speakers is the best choice. Active speakers feature a built-in amplifier and are easier to set up since no separate amp is required.

What does PA stand for?

PA stands for public address. In other words, PA systems are designed to amplify sound for a large group of people. Take the towers of stacked speakers you'll see at gigs for instance. Such PA installations usually also include microphones, mixers and amplifiers.

What's a PA amplifier?

PA amplifiers are part of PA systems - the sound systems used to amplify live stage performances. While PA amps can be used at home, the features and built-in functions aren't designed for that purpose.

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