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You'll find all of the audio devices you need for live events, parties, businesses, schools, shops and restaurants in our Pro Audio section. If you need to amplify sound, then you're going to need either active (no amp required) or passive speakers. For smaller-scale events on location, then mobile battery-powered speakers are just the ticket. However, if you want to provide a large space with a lot of sound by mixing and amplifying different sound sources, such as live microphones and musical instruments, then you'll want to use a combination of a PA mixer & mixing desk along with a set of speakers. Such a speaker set can consist of a number of full-range speakers and one or more subwoofers. If you're going to have musicians on stage, then floor monitors and in-ear monitors are also important.

If, on the other hand, you need audio equipment for a café, restaurant or hotel, then you'll probably need an audio set. One possible configuration would consist of a media player, together with a rack mixer, amplifier and a number of passive speakers. If you have a large office, hotel or school with many different rooms that you want to provide with music or be able to make announcements in, then you're going to want to consider a 100V system. That's also a great option for large churches and for sporting events. Here at Bax Music, we're happy to help you put together the perfect PA system or audio set for your needs. We have something for everyone, from clients with limited budgets to professionals who won't settle for anything less than the best.

For more stage equipment, be sure to visit our lighting & decoration and truss & stand categories. You'll find audio devices for recording purposes in studio & recording. | Pioneer XDJ-RX3