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Pro Tools

Now that Avid works with downloads instead of bulky software boxes, we’ve changed the way we offer their products here at Bax Music. You can find all of the most important information about Pro Tools right here on this page. The traditional product pages now only feature specific information about each type of licence.

What is Pro Tools?

At its core, Pro Tools is a multi-track audio editor. If you want to make multi-track recordings of your band, or if you've got individual instrument exports from your own DAW that you want to use for an audio track, then you can use Pro Tools to layer and/or combine the tracks. You can easily add faders, change the acoustics and volume, add effects and even change the timing of your recordings. Not only does this software make it easy to discover a whole new world of creativity, it also lets you work in exactly the same as high-end studios do.

The status of Pro Tools

The Pro Tools software package enjoys a prominent position in modern music history. Visit any large studio and they'll probably be using Pro Tools; check out any film academy and the students will most likely be learning audio mounting with Pro Tools. This software has become so ingrained in the music industry that studios will ask for materials to be delivered in the form of Pro Tools sessions. It's simply expected that anyone who wants to be taken seriously works with Pro Tools! In short, if you're planning to collaborate with studios and/or film makers, Pro Tools is the way to ensure that you'll all be speaking the same language.

More than just software

One of the great advantages of Pro Tools is the availability of Pro Tools hardware - specifically Pro Tools controllers. They're available in all shapes and sizes as well as different price ranges. The larger models, in particular, are a testament to the professional level of Pro Tools. Suffice to say, that anyone who thought that large mixing consoles would disappear with the advent of virtual mixers was wrong. It should also be mentioned that Avid produce unique (and super fast) audio interfaces that work seamlessly with Pro Tools. The availability of hardware like this proves that Pro Tools is a top-quality, professional package worth investing in.

The Licences


There are two main streams to choose between: a perpetual licence or a subscription.

As its name suggests the perpetual licence is yours to keep. That means it’s essentially the same as software you used to buy in a box and you can use it whenever you like.

Avid’s subscription software, on the other hand, can be only used when you have an active subscription. Rather than actually owning Pro Tools, you’ll essentially be paying for the privilege of using the software. The price of a year’s subscription is lower than buying a perpetual licence, but once the year is up, you’ll no longer be able to use Pro Tools. If you plan on using Pro Tools for a longer period of time, investing in a perpetual licence may be more cost effective for you.


Avid also offer an update and support plan which is included with an active subscription. With a perpetual licence, a year of updates and support is included. This means that after the year is up, you’ll no longer get updates and support, although Pro Tools will still work just fine. Of course, it’s possible to purchase an additional year of updates and support, and there are two options available depending on whether you renew the plan before or after your current one ends.

On the Bax Music website, we’ve used the following terms in the product titles to help you choose the correct licence:

start - for first time buyers and subscribers

extension - for adding another year of updates and support to your perpetual licence before your current plan ends or for extending your subscription

renewal - for adding another year of updates and support to your perpetual licence after your current plan has ended

You might be wondering what the difference is between starting a subscription and extending a subscription. There’s not much difference between the price of these licenses and that’s because they’re essentially the same product. The only difference is that if you don’t renew your subscription before it ends, it will remain in your Avid account, but you’ll no longer be able to use it. To continue with the same subscription, you need to extend it before it ends. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy another start subscription.


As well as the standard versions of Pro Tools, there are two special versions for educational purposes. One for students & teachers and another for educational institutions. You’ll need to provide proof of your status as a student or a teacher or details about your educational institution in order to be eligible to purchase one of these licences.

Avid Pro Tools 2018

The good thing about the way Pro Tools now works is that you’ll always have the latest version if you subscribe or if you have an active update and support plan with your perpetual licence. Below you’ll find a list of the most important characteristics of Pro Tools 2018. Be aware that features may change whenever the software is updated.

Pro Tools 2018: most important characteristics:

  • Pro Tools Standard 2018
  • comprensive DAW software
  • audio tracks: 128
  • inputs: 32
  • instrument tracks: 512
  • MIDI tracks: 512
  • aux tracks: 128
  • buses: unlimited
  • video track: 1
  • number of projects: unlimited
  • signal quality: 32-bit, 192 kHz
  • support: ASIO, Core Audio, EUCON, any controller with HUI support
  • plugin support: AAX Native, AAX AudioSuite
  • audio interface support: Duet, Quartet, Eleven Rack, Mbox (3rd gen), Mbox Mini (3rd gen), Fasttrack
  • includes more than 60 virtual instruments and virtual effects
  • includes 2 GB of loops
  • track presets (list of fixed effect chains)
  • pre-record MIDI: record MIDI jams without having to provide recording instructions
  • improved MIDI functionality
  • take playlist, clear overview makes it easy to switch between takes
  • iLok dongle no longer necessary
  • improved equalizer view
  • work with other Pro Tool users online via the Avid Cloud Collaboration
  • system requirements:
    • Mac: OS X 10.11.6
    • Windows: 8.1, 10
    • both:
      •  CPU: Intel Core i5
      •  system memory: 16 GB (32 GB or more recommended)
      •  free hard drive space: 15 GB
      •  internet connection for installation
      •  USB port for iLok (not required)

Pro Tools licences available at Bax Music

Avid Pro Tools perpetual licence start (dl)
Avid Pro Tools perpetual licence extension (dl)
Avid Pro Tools perpetual licence renewal (dl)

Avid Pro Tools subscription start (dl)
Avid Pro Tools subscription extension (dl)

Avid Pro Tools perpetual licence start for students & teachers (dl)
Avid Pro Tools perpetual licence extension for students & teachers (dl)
Avid Pro Tools perpetual licence renewal for students & teachers (dl)

Avid Pro Tools subscription start for students & teachers (dl)
Avid Pro Tools subscription extension for students & teachers (dl)

Avid Pro Tools perpetual licence start for educational institutions (dl)
Avid Pro Tools perpetual licence extension for educational institutions (dl)
Avid Pro Tools perpetual licence renewal for educational institutions (dl)

Avid Pro Tools subscription start for educational institutions (dl)
Avid Pro Tools subscription extension for educational institutions (dl)


At the time of writing, Avid is advising OS X users not to update to version 10.13.4 High Sierra. Those who already have this version are advised not to work with small buffer sizes. We recommend you check the Avid website regularly in order to keep up to date with this issue.

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