Denon DJ S1200 promo DJ set

Denon DJ S1200 promo DJ set Product no.: BA-6320 Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


Are you looking for a high-quality Denon DJ setup for a budget-friendly price? With this precomposed set, Bax-shop makes the dreams of many (mobile) DJs come true. This complete DJ set not only consists of two CD players, a mixer and a pair of headphones, but also includes a practical protective carry bag for your setup. Get ready to play your first gigs on location!

Players and mixer of the set

For obvious reasons, the DN-S1200 and DN-X120 have been selected to serve as the CD players and mixer of this set. Both have a remarkably compact design, but offer a clear overview nonetheless. The players are equipped with large jog wheels that allow you to work efficiently and accurately, and offer excellent multimedia support - their effortless USB and MIDI compatibility is ideal for digital DJ systems.

The DN-X120 is a two-channel mixer without any unnecessary bells and whistles. Ideal if you don't need any extras to deliver a creative DJ set!

Headphones and carry bag

The DN-HP500 headphones in this set offer the familiar Denon quality. Thanks to their great sound isolation, they are capable of reproducing deep bass tones - ideal for bass-synchronised beatmixing. The HP500 headphones always deliver a clear, tight sound, no matter how high the volume.

The DN-B01 carry bag enables you to transport your set safely to parties and gigs, and protects it against hits, shocks and scratches. Simply unzip the bag and your DJ setup is at your disposal, unharmed.

Tabletop CD players are always supplied with a short RCA-RCA cable, which enables you to connect the player to a mixer. For intensive use, we recommend that you add a more supple cable with more rugged connectors to your order, such as the Procab CAB800.



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