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This adapter was designed for use with JV Case flight cases, but will fit any other flight case, provided it has enough room under the lid.
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In stock

JV Case have made a lockable rack drawer with a height of 2U and a smooth sliding mechanism. It's ideal for your accessories and equipment that is susceptible to theft.

Available in 14 business days.
14 business days

Mount this drawer in your flightcase or installation rack and fill it up with all your accessories. This rack drawer can be easily mounted and is equipped with a smooth telescopic sliding system.

Delivered in 3 weeks.
3 weeks

This is a small, handy case for crossovers, processors, equalizers, MD players, some CD players, microphone receivers. There is even a separate compartment in the lid for handhelds or cables. Very practical!

Available in 15 business days.
15 business days
In stock
In stock
Delivered in 3 weeks.
3 weeks
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