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Ricatech RMC250 Deluxe record player + Adele '25' vinyl album

Ricatech RMC250 Deluxe record player + Adele '25' vinyl album Product no.: 9000-0024-1129 Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


Ricatech introduces a special edition of the popular RMC250 record player. For a limited time only, it comes with Adele's new record-shattering album '25' on vinyl! Do note that this offer is only valid while supplies last, so be sure to order yours quickly!

Adele - 25

It was quite the wait, but Adele's new album, '25', was completely worth it. And the numbers don't lie: within five days, the first single, 'Hello', got more than 100 million views on Youtube. Besides 'Hello', of course, there are 10 other musical masterpieces on the album, including second hit single 'When We Were Young'. In total, it provides about 49 minutes of listening pleasure on one vinyl record.

Ricatech RMC250 Deluxe: 6 in 1 Music Center

It's name tells you all you need to know, the Ricatech RMC250 6 in 1 Music Center is pretty much six devices in one. It plays music in any format, from conventional modern carriers to classics like cassettes. First and foremost, it features a record player that supports 33, 45 and 78 RPM records. It also has built-in CD and cassette players, as well as a digital AM/FM radio. Finally, it also plays MP3 files from a USB stick or SD card. And all of this functionality is joined in a beautiful wooden housing with a classic look.

Ricatech RMC250: play and record

Perhaps you'd like to take your favourite CD, record or cassette, and be able to listen to that on your computer, your MP3 player, your tablet or even in your car. For that purpose, the RMC250 has a recording function, that is easy to operate with just a press of a button. It transfers music from any carrier into digital files and transfers those files to a USB stick or SD card. There's even an aux input available, so that you can connect and MP3 players, smartphone or tablet. So really, that makes this a 7-in-1 player.

Sound reproduction

Inside the wooden housing is a complete set of stereo speakers. These will do a great job of reproducing your music, but of course you can also connect a set of external speakers. On the back, you'll find an aux output to do so, as well as a separate subwoofer output. This way, you can connect the RMC250 to virtually any entertainment system. What's more, there's even a headphone connector on the front of the device. Clearly this 6-in-1 player allows you to enjoy your music in whichever way you see fit.

Tips or comments about this product

  • Please note: this promotion is only valid while supplies last, so order yours quickly!


Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 7.5 kg

Product specifications

Ricatech RMC250 specifications:

  • 6-in-1 music centre
  • 3-speed record player for 33, 45 and 78 rpm
  • CD player
  • Cassette player
  • digital AM/FM radio
  • USB port
  • SD card slot
  • wood housing with lid
  • finish: Paprika Wood
  • recording function for digitising music
  • line input
  • stereo line output
  • subwoofer output
  • mini jack headphone output
  • internal stereo speakers, 2 x 2 W
  • remote control included
  • dimensions: 43.5 x 33 x 24 cm
  • weight: 7.4 kg

Adele - '25' vinyl specifications:

  • Hello : 4:55
  • Send My Love (To Your New Lover): 3:43
  • I Miss You : 5:49
  • When We Were Young : 4:51
  • Remedy : 4:05
  • Water Under The Bridge : 4:00
  • River Lea : 3:45
  • Love In The Dark : 4:46
  • Million Years Ago : 3:47
  • All I Ask : 4:32
  • Sweetest Devotion : 4:12

Total runtime: 48:25


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For a Limited Time Only: Adele's 25 on Vinyl with the Ricatech RMC250 Deluxe!

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Hello, it's Bax-shop. We were wondering if, after all these years, Ricatech and Adele would like to meet... And we profusely apologise for starting out with such a bad joke. Adele's new album has broken countless records, and is a resounding success, both commercially and critically. The only thing that might make it better than it already was, is to add the charm that only vinyl could bring. Of course, that does mean you'll need a record player, too!


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