Teac hifi TN-200 turntable

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Teac hifi TN-200 turntable Product no.: 9000-0020-9641 Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


The TEAC TN-200 is a stylish turntable that plays back your 33 and 45RPM vinyl records in minute detail. TEAC has thought of everything. First of all, this beautifully designed matte black record player will look great in any living room. That's of secondary importance, however - wait till you hear this TEAC's sound! Place your LP or EP on the vibration-reducing mat that covers the die-cast aluminium platter, and prepare to be blown away. A straight tonearm (chosen over a curved model for its high tracking accuracy) and a high-grade MM cartridge transmit the signal to the turntable's RCA output or practical USB connector. The TN-200 boasts a remarkably solid housing, and comes with a dust cover as well as RCA and USB cables.

TN-200: connectors

On the back of the TN-200, you'll find two different types of outputs. Connect the included cable to the RCA outputs, and you can hook up the turntable to an amplifier or an active speaker set, for instance. Thanks to the TN-200's phono/line switch, you don't even need a special phono input to plug into. It's also possible, however, to transmit the sound of your records directly to a Windows or Mac computer, using the turntable's USB connector. Simply select the TN-200 as a recording device in your computer, and set your audio software to record. Once you start your record, the music is digitally captured. Looking for a record player that's reliable, offers extensive functionality, and sounds nothing short of fabulous? With the TN-200, TEAC ticks all the boxes!


Product features

Power adapter ungrounded flat Europlug

Gewicht en afmetingen inclusief verpakking

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 7.5 kg
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging) 54.8 x 43.1 x 22.1 cm

Product specifications

  • turntable
  • type: belt-drive
  • supports 33 1/3 & 45 RPM
  • start-stop button
  • sturdy MDF housing
  • outputs:
    • RCA
    • USB (to PC or Mac)
  • digital recording via USB
    • Windows 7/Mac OS X 10.8 or later
    • 48 kHz/16 bits
  • built-in phono equalizer (line/phono switch)
  • high-quality MM cartridge included
  • stable motor
  • die-cast aluminium platter, 12 inches (30 cm)
  • durable Neoprene rubber mat
  • accurate, straight tonearm
  • anti-skate mechanism
  • replacement stylus: ATN95E
  • included:
    • rubber mat
    • dust cover
    • EP adapter
    • TEAC MM cartridge
    • RCA cable
    • USB cable
    • power supply unit (GPE053A-120050-Z)
    • manual
  • colour: matte black
  • dimensions (WxHxD): 16.5 x 4.6 x 14 inches (420 x 117 x 356 mm)
  • weight: 10.8 lbs (4.9 kg)


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The Teac TN-200: a Turntable for Real Music!

Tuesday 15 September 2015 by Ton

Relive the old glory days of vinyl with the TN-200 belt-drive turntable by Teac! That's right, it's time to dust off your record collection, and to restore it to its rightful prominent position in your living room. If you like, you can even use the TN-200 to digitalise your records, so you can enjoy their outstanding sound on the road.


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Teac hifi TN-200 + Glorious

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  • Teac hifi TN-200 turntable
  • Glorious Record Box 55 black
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Teac hifi TN-200 + Audioquest

Product no.: 9000-0020-9648
  • Teac hifi TN-200 turntable
  • Audioquest  record cleaning brush
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Teac hifi TN-200 + Devine VA7015

Product no.: 9000-0020-9649
  • Teac hifi TN-200 turntable
  • Devine VA7015 jack 3.5mm stereo - 2x RCA male 1.5 m
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Teac hifi TN-200 + Thonet & Vander Riss

Product no.: 9000-0020-9650
  • Teac hifi TN-200 turntable
  • Thonet & Vander Riss 2.1 speaker set
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