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JB systems Micro Quantum lounge laser Product no.: 9000-0004-2394 Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


This lounge laser projects an amazing show onto your wall, ceiling or floor. The Quantum Lounge laser produces hundreds of individual laser beams that create graceful, spectacular patterns. This highly popular effect is now also available with blue and red laser diodes. Colour changes are provided by laser blanking technology.

Technology of the Micro Quantum
The armature is equipped with two laser diodes, a red 100mW diode and a blue 80 mW diode, which project their beams onto a special grating grid. The grid divides the beams into hundreds of individually weak laser beams, which are less harmful for your audience, even more so as the beams are continually moving. This light effect can produce many different patterns, so it never gets dull.

Installation of the laser
A special bracket enables you to easily install the laser in your room, venue, club or bar. You can mount it on a wall or suspend it from a ceiling or a beam. Thanks to the double ball joint of the bracket and the solid tightening screws, the laser can be securely placed in any position. A power adaptor allows you to plug the laser into a power socket. With the included remote control you can easily control the laser from a distance. This means you can also install it out of range!


Product features

Power adapter ungrounded flat Europlug

Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 500 gr
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging) 18.5 x 6.1 x 6.1 cm

Product specifications

- high-grade decorative lounge laser
- grating technology divides laser beams into bundles of individually weak beams
- futuristic, atmospheric effect
- 100 mW red laser diode, 650 nm
- 80 mW blue laser diode, 450 nm
- laser class: 3B
- ideal for projection on ceiling, wall or floor
- laser blanking technology provides colour changes
- plug & play, no additional controller required
- sound-controlled mode, automatic mode, or control via remote control
- various stroboscope effects
- keylock
- sound-controlled mode via internal microphone
- beam thickness from machine: < 5 mm
- beam angle of individual beams: < 2 mrad
- beam angle total output: less than 160 degrees
- operating temperature: 10 to 40 degrees Celsius
- in accordance with EN/IEC 60825-1 Ed2, 2007-03 standard for laser security
- mains voltage: DC 12V, 600mA
- power consumption: 5.7 Watt
- dimensions: 117 x 92 x 46 mm
- weight: 350 grams
- remote control and miniature stand included


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