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The M-Star laser is equipped with a red and a green laser diode with a total power of 140 mW, which is split up into hundreds of separate laser beams that rotate slowly or ultra-fast and create a room-filling effect.

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It's a first in this price range! The JB Systems Smooth Scan-3 is an animation laser with 80 built-in patterns, which can be alternated via DMX or the accessory remote control. Awesome!
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The Twinbeam creates share red, green and even yellow laser beams. This RG laser allows for excellent colour mixing, so that you can use three colours to add a bit of spice to your gig!

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The combination of grating technology and interesting figurines, allows you to fill the dance floor, wall or ceiling with hundreds of circles, stars or stripes. The M-Quasar creates a very special effect!
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