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Floor stand for your (LED) pars. Suitable for spots with a weight of up to 10 kg.
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Floor stand that allows you to set up your (LED) pars on the floor, safely and neatly. Fit for spots with a maximum weight of 10 kg.
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This compact stand is a great match for KLS lighting sets by Eurolite. No more messing about with heavy, oversized wind-up stands!
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Eurolite light stand, equipped with T-Bar. The stand can carry a total of four spotlights with a maximum weight of 14 kg.
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This highly stable stand is perfectly suited for mobile shows, for instance. This version of Eurolite's STV-40 comes with a T bar, from which you can suspend up to four spotlights.
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The STV-40S is a variation on the standard STV-40. This edition features a solid steel construction! Consequently, this lighting stand is twice as heavy and more stable, as the centre of gravity is lowered.

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