Briteq Spectra-3D RGB effect laser

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Briteq Spectra-3D RGB effect laser Product no.: 9000-0004-3638 Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


Briteq is at it again and have focused their attention to making laser light effects, such as the Spectra 3D laser. The effect wheels allow for spectacular new effects in the form of specially shaped laser beams that'll amaze your audience.

The idea behind the Spectra 3D

Why choose between different effects and functions when this laser light can do it all. From classic patterns to grating technology and web-shaped laser figures, the Spectra 3D has it all and combines it with high-quality RGB lasers. The best of both.. well, any world really.

Effects and laser controls

The Spectra 3D is equipped with a classic laser-projection system and an RGB set of laser diodes. Its 480 mW of laser power guarantees a bright projection in virtually any colour imaginable, for mid-size venues. High-quality 25 kHz scanners ensure smooth movements, even for larger or more complex patterns. The four built-in effect wheels are ready to add even more special effects. There's a 3D wheel, for instance, just like a web-pattern (polar) wheel, a burst (grating) wheel and a universal wheel. What's more, you can also use this laser to project logos, text, animations or fans and tunnels via DMX or ILDA.


Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 6.0 kg
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging) 37.0 x 31.5 x 19.2 cm

Product specifications

  • RGB effect laser (7 colours)
  • DMX, ILDA, automatic, music-controlled and master/slave modes
  • RGB laser diodes with a total power of 480 mW
  • 80 mW green CW laser (532 nm)
  • 300 mW blue CW laser (450 nm)
  • 100 mW red CW laser (638 nm)
  • high-quality 25 kHz scanners for smooth pattern movements
  • four built-in effect wheels for amazing patterns
  • 1x Burst (grating) for a sky full of stars
  • 1x 3D effect wheel for a 3D-like pattern projection
  • 1x Polar (web-pattern) effect wheel for smooth, alternating abstract patterns
  • 1x Universal effect wheel for special kaleidoscopic/spirographic patterns 
  • optional pattern and colour selection via DMX
  • optional pattern and colour selection via ILDA
  • several pre-programmed automated and music-controlled shows
  • DMX control via 1, 2 or 19 DMX channels
  • ILDA control via a separately available ILDA interface and software
  • built-in microphone for music-controlled mode
  • LED display with 3 characters and menu settings
  • key lock and interlock connection
  • interlock dummy with through pins included (won't work without it!)
  • in accordance with EN/IEC 60825-1 ED2, 2007-03 standard for laser security


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