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You can tell us about your suggestion in a number of ways:

Customer Service
If you'd like to share your idea or if you see room for improvement, send an email to our Customer Service team at and we'll be sure to reply promptly.

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I have a complaint

While we can't undo an unfortunate experience, we can try to turn the situation into a positive one. Please let us know what went wrong so we can learn from our mistakes!

1. Customer Service Pages
If your experience is less than satisfactory, please consult our Customer Service pages. Perhaps there's a logical explanation for why things didn't go as you expected.

2. Customer Service Team
If you've gone through our Customer Service pages and are still unhappy with the service we've provided, please get in touch with our Customer Service team. We strive to answer queries as soon as possible and come up with suitable solutions. If possible, we'll also try to put processes in place to prevent the same thing from happening again..

3. Trade Dispute
If you are not satisfied with the information provided by our Customer Service Customer Service pages or team, you can make a complaint in accordance with UK Trading Standards. Read about your consumer rights here.

You can also lodge a complaint with the Online Dispute Resolution (ADR/ODR) of the European ODR Platform.

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