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Bax Music Wants to Buy Your Guitar!

Here at Bax Music, there is a constant demand for older vintage guitars, so if you own a guitar made by one of the brands listed below, Bax Music might be interested in buying it from you!

Terms & Conditions

  • Bax Music will only make an offer on a second-hand guitar with a trade-in value of £400 or more
  • Bax Music reserves the right to refuse the guitar/bass trade-in. An offer will not be made in such a case. 
  • The request will only be processed when accompanied by the required documents/photos as well as a high-resolution copy of your ID/passport included.
  • In the event that your application is incomplete or missing requested photos or documentation, we will unfortunately not be able to process your application or make you an offer.
  • Please bear in mind that legal proof of the origin of your instrument may be required as per the CITES regulations. This is commonly a copy of the purchase receipt or an EU certificate. The rules apply for rosewood, and certain varieties of mahogany, ebony, bubinga and other exotic wood types. (It is virtually impossible to obtain a permit for highly-endangered wood types like Rio / Brazilian rosewood. If your instrument includes this wood type, an offer will not be made. ) Please find more information about CITES here.
  • Bax Music does not accept replicas for appraisal and/or trade-in.
  • After approval of our offer, you can ship us your guitar at no extra cost, and the shipment will be automatically insured.
  • The guitar will then be offered for sale in our physical and/or online store.
  • This offer is not valid in combination with any other offers.

We're looking for original guitars made by the following brands:

  • Fender USA
  • Gibson USA
  • Gretsch USA/Japan
  • Martin USA
  • PRS (Paul Reed Smith) USA
  • Takamine Japan
  • Taylor USA

Selling your guitar: how does it work?

If we're interested in buying your guitar, our Bax Music product specialists will appraise it, and you can then decide if you want to accept their offer or not. Please note: each guitar is appraised separately and our offer may be under the market value.

Online appraisal

Fill in our special registration form online to request an online appraisal. In order to properly appraise your guitar, we need as much information about your instrument as possible. After submitting the form, you will receive instructions from us regarding the delivery of documentation and photosYou can expect an answer from us within 72 hours.

If you agree to take our offer, Bax Music will pay you the agreed amount within 72 hours after receiving the guitar. You can also choose to ship us your guitar at no extra cost. Click here to fill out the online form:



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