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What is B-stock?

Our B-stock category is full of great products that cannot be sold as new. Sometimes the packaging has been opened or damaged, and some of the products may have light cosmetic damage. In other cases, B-stock products can be missing a few accessories, or have simply been returned by customers. All B-stock items have been tested thoroughly to ensure that they are in working condition.

What does B-stock mean?

We refer to products that are no longer new as 'B-stock'. This could be a product that has been returned by a customer within the 60-day trial period, or it could be a showroom model. In any case, a B-stock product still functions perfectly.

How do I know what a B-stock product has been through?

In the B-stock category on our site, you'll find a complete overview of all the B-stock products in our assortment. If you want to find out more about a specific product, click on the 'B-stock Information' tab on the product page for a detailed description. In case of specific damage, such as visible scratches or damaged packaging, you will see a picture of the current state of the product as well as the original product images.

Please note:

  • 'Traces of use' refers to scuff marks and/or fingerprints, not damages.
  • If you are not satisfied with a B-stock product, you can return it to us for free!
  • Every B-stock product page contains information and photos of what the product looks like in perfect, new condition. These images are for illustrative purposes only! Read the B-stock information thoroughly so you know exactly what you're buying.
  • Most B-stock products have a warranty period of three years with the exception of certain products that are designed for heavy-duty use like drum sticks and flight cases. 

How much discount do I get?

A B-stock product will always be less expensive than the new model, but the discount itself varies. If there are visible scratches on the product itself, you will receive a higher discount than on a product that only has slightly-damaged packaging, for example. The price shown on the B-stock product page includes the discount.

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